San Fermin – The big-idea Brooklynites who are fusing classical, jazz, pop and indie

This week’s issue of NME sees writer Lucy Jones speaking to Ellis Ludwig-Leonie, leader of San Fermin about how his background in classical composition has informed the amazing pop songs that fill their self-titled album.
Want proof? Have a listen to ‘Sonsick’…

In Brief: 24-year-old Ludwig-Leonie was something of a child prodigy, studying classical music at Yale. Everything he’s released until now has been orchestral – including a ballet in August this year. But the chamber pop of ‘San Fermin’ is gonna change all that. Despite the band’s equipment being stolen while on tour in Portland recently, he tells us it’s onwards and upwards for them, with aims of hitting the mainstream strong in his mind.


Based: Brooklyn

For fans of: Sufjan Stevens, The National


Buy it now: ‘Sonsick’ and debut album ‘San Fermin’ are out now on Downtown

See them live: They tour the UK from November 7-11, with dates in Manchester, Glasgow and London.

Believe it or not: Film producer Scott Rudin, a former employer of Ludwig-Leone, appeared to him in a dream and told him to make his album “creepy”