Sea Girls: “We don’t want to be just a little band”

Sea Girls are poised to become one of 2018’s biggest breakout indie bands. With sell-out shows up and down the nation and bangers-a-plenty coming, their path to becoming British indie stars is very much on the cards. Seems fitting, then, that we should ask them to swing by NME HQ to perform a special Basement Session. Watch two of our recent sessions, including ‘Heavenly War’ and our quick primer with as  frontman Henry Camamile.

You came and performed ‘Heavenly War’ for us – tell us a bit about the song

We wrote it in March last year. It was after I had recently split up with a girlfriend, it was kind of exciting, I felt young again – do you know what I mean? You’re on your own, it felt sort like there was something scary and exciting about that. It wasn’t anything I wanted to get out of, I wasn’t happy that I was on my own, it was just the realisation It is just about feeling young and excited and things feeling new again.


Some of your gigs are pretty rowdy – is that the standard now?

Yeah, it does get pretty heated by the end of it. We had people on shoulders in Bristol as well but in Leicester, the ceiling was so low down that people couldn’t do that.

Are you guys already aiming for the top?

Absolutely. We wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t. We spent a year and a half before getting nowhere but we just kept writing because that is what we felt that we wanted to do. We want to be as a big as we possibly can be.

Writing wise – I try and make sure that it is good enough, we want to stand out amongst everyone else, we don’t want to be just a little band. We love it and we are growing on a journey. We are not going to put a limit on us, just playing on the second stage and then retire and become whatever.


You used to based above a burger restaurant, right?

Yeah, ‘Meat Mission’ on Hoxton Market. That’s kind of our spiritual home I think, that is where Sea Girls really came together. We would have like two or three cheeseburgers a day and that’s where we recorded ‘Call Me Out’ and other early stuff. That is our genesis. We were fuelled by burgers. I felt sick after every day because I ate so much. I couldn’t ever do that again.

If you had to describe your band’s sound or just your band in general to a burger, which burger would it be?

I think a Dead Hippy is great, but not everybody know what a Dead Hippy is, unless you know what Meat Mission is. I’d say double decker cheeseburger with special sauce, I think. This is more of a promotion for a burger than Sea Girls…