Seams – Coming Apart At The (New Exclusive Remix)

The term ‘soundscape’ always somehow feels a bit Mickey Mouse, doesn’t it? I mean, what does it even mean?

Yet the ilk of Seams, twenty-something caucasian male, James Welch, of London, make you think a bit harder. Essentially we’re talking sound, why not music, that maps a landscape: thundering skies, rolling hills, trickling brooks. When was the last time you saw a brook, by the way?

Seams’ blog smash, ‘Nightcycles’ (click name to download), strode a terrain of geographical ambience and goose-pimply beatless house that was just swell.

James just sent us Shells’ percussively injected revamp of the track. It sounds like what I always assumed the album Jonsi from Sigur Ros made with his boyfriend decamped on some remote island, living some weird new fangled tolietless eco-system existence might. Anyone ever hear that record btw? Was I close?

Thanks James!

‘Nightcycles (Shells remix)’ (click name to download)