Shunkan, ‘Dust in Your Eyes’ – Track Exclusive

Shunkan was an eleventh century Kyoto monk who, according to Japanese mythology, was exiled to remote island Kikai-ga-shima after taking part in a failed uprising against the rule of military leader Taira no Kiyomori. He later committed suicide by refusing food till he starved to death, having sunk into a deep despair alone on the island. 20-year-old New Zealand newcomer Marina Sakimoto, who takes her stage name from the fabled holyman, sounds like she can identify on debut EP ‘Honey, Milk and Blood’. Swamped in shoegazy, unfuckwithable fuzz, the release’s five tracks deal with loneliness, melancholy and malice in ways that recall an amped-up Waxahatchee or sizzurped Hop Along. EP opener ‘Dust In Your Eyes’ in particular is a gem – check it out below before its limited edition cassette release via the ever reliable Art Is Hard (Fear Of Men, Best Friends etc) on May 5.