Siren, Sirens – The Results Of Monsterfication

I went to see Gaga the other night. I know. It was ace

You couldn’t help but marvel in what that lass has done in a year. That O2 show was a bit like Return To The Forbidden Planet or something. But with good songs.

The Monster Claw has to be the best new pop hand sign since the Wu ‘W’.

It’s true what she said on Jonanthon Ross the other night, there hasn’t been a popstar around for ages that can really ignite all your senses and imagination. She really does do that, and for that reason her arrival has resonated rather fruitfully.

Take south east London’s Siren, Sirens. As ‘Just Dance’ was just about to explode at the start of last year they sounded/looked like this:

After her Monsterfication process has taken hold they look like this:

And sound like this:

Click here to download: Siren, Sirens – ‘Veil’