Skate-Ratting With Odd Future In Los Angeles

My buddy sent me this video the other day of Radar faves Odd Future hitting it hard onstage at their local Low End Theory venue in LA:


It reminded us: A) Of how they are arguably the most exciting thing to be happening to independent rap music anywhere in the world, and B) Of how we’d been meaning to post up the videos we did with them a month back when we were in their neck of the woods…

Odd Future
Photo: Julian Berman/NME

We spent a lazy afternoon with the guys at the start of October. We did what you’d expect that dazzlingly bright and talented teenage skate-rap hoodlums would on any given Monday afternoon. Scuffed our heels round the doorstep to the Supreme store until we got moved on by the LAPD. Then hopped over to the local schoolyard, where we talked Wacka Flocka, French jazz, and Stereolab. It was relatively enjoyable.

Yep, this was the general vibe.


With his 15-year-old half-brother and co-limelight-hogger Earl Sweatshirt on sabbatical at a ‘Boot Camp’-type private-school institution for wayward yoofs, ringleader Tyler The Creator showed us around. He managed to skate whilst fitting new shoe-laces for about 10 minutes.

There was an enormous amount of ‘ribbing’

Tyler’s a more confident rapper than skater

Here are the interviews I did with Tyler:

And just a recap of why this lot are so special:

Tyler Creator

Earl Sweatshirt