Skott shines on new electro-banger ‘Glitter & Gloss’

Katy Perry and Lorde are already fans

If you’re still struggling to pin down Skott’s sound, don’t worry – it feels like we all are. Initial singles ‘Wolf’ and ‘Porcelain’ had a dusting of mystical folk, and ‘Lack Of Emotion’ was a dancefloor-ready hit. New single ‘Glitter & Gloss’, falls somewhere in between.

On it, the Swede’s delightful falsettos and masterful story-telling are confronted with meaty electronics – with dazzling results. Skott explains how she manages to balance both folk and electro influences: “You really have to stay true to your guts and how you feel in your tummy. If the song needs a really heavy beat, even if it doesn’t work for your image or whatever you just need to do what’s best for the song. That’s what I’m trying to do – always trying to think what’s best for the song.”

So really, sometimes Skott doesn’t even really know where a song is going. And that’s fine, because on this occasion, trusting her guts has worked out great.


Skott is playing in the UK in March:

London Omeara (March 7)