Sløtface on feminism, Noel Gallagher and what it means to be punk in 2016

This week, Sløtface return to London as they reveal the first taste of their upcoming EP ‘Empire Records’ with the infectious new single ‘Bright Lights’. We met the Norwegian band to talk about feminism in punk rock, their debut album and Noel Gallagher.

Between Trump, Brexit, nuclear tension and everything else, the end of days could soon be among us. If you want someone to soundtrack the party before the apocalypse, then look no further.


With a sound that wanders somewhere between Los Campesinos, Blood Red Shoes, Weezer and early Green Day, every Sløtface song is a revolution in three minutes. They’re pop-punk anthems laced with hooks aplenty to sink into your skin – before injecting you with ideas.

“Maybe sometimes it feels like you’re putting someone on the spot when you’re asking them to have real opinions, which seems like a weird way to approach music in general but for our sake our whole thing is trying to write pop music that’s catchy enough but it’s actually about something important,” nods singer Haley Shea, adjusting her sunglasses in the bright Oslo sunshine. “Like we’re tricking you into listening to this feminist anthem with like super-clear tendencies but you never realised it.”

Guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad lets out a dry laugh and chuckles: “People have asked us as males if we can really be feminist. Why not? It is possible, you know. Is that so hard to imagine in 2016?”

Their live shows are insane, their choruses are larger than life, Sløtface are fearless, feminist, witty and one hell of a good time.

“As fans, we’re looking for people writing pop music that calls for the change they want to see in the world,” says Haley. “We’re coming up to a place where everybody is singing about the same clichés, so I think everything is about to turn because the world is craving something different. We are at least.


“Our album is a lot about guilt, and it’s a lot about this juxtaposition between the fact that everything’s going to shit and you don’t really know what you can do with that fact.”

That ‘no bullshit’ approach sparks up an unlikely source of inspiration. “I really appreciate Noel Gallagher’s stuff and what he does,” laughs Tor-Arne. “Every week there’s a headline like ‘Noel Gallagher says these people suck’. He just says it. It’s OK.”

Sløtface are going to be appearing on a lot of ‘ones to watch’ list come the year’s end, and everything’s in place for them to dominate 2017 with a pretty enticing debut album. Offering up everything from punk to slacker rock, grunge and ‘more experimental stuff’, this could mark them as your new favourite guitar band. In these uncertain times, we all just need a good party.

Sløtface play The Lexington with Coves and INHEAVEN tonight (Wednesday 28 September). Their upcoming UK dates are below.

28 September – The Lexington, London
27 October – The Islington, London
28 October – The Finsbury Popular Culture Club
29 October – Lock Tavern, London
1 November – The Victoria, London
3 November – Broadcast Throw Shapes, Glasgow
4 November – Fallow Cafe, Manchester