Sløtface: Party music for the end of the world

Political pop-punk that’s perfect for parties

Every Sløtface song is a revolution in three minutes or less – pop-punk party anthems laced with hooks and ideas. Meet one of 2017’s most exciting new guitar bands.

Do you feel like you’re out on your own in being a new band with ‘a message’ to your music?

Haley: “For our sake, our whole thing is trying to write pop music that’s catchy enough but is actually about something important. Like we’re tricking you into listening to this feminist anthem with super-clear tendencies. Everybody is singing about the same clichés, so I think everything is about to turn because the world is craving something different.”
Lasse: “Just having that conversation creates some hope. You’re creating a space with that dialogue.”


You went down a storm at SXSW, and not just for your music – wasn’t there a backlash for CNN reporting on your anti-Trump stance?

Tor-Arne: “The funny thing about that is no one really said we were wrong. There were just hundreds of people going, ‘Who the f**k are these kids and why should we care?’”
Haley: “That’s literally the part that they cut. I said, ‘We don’t live in America, it’s not our job to be commenting on American politics. We all agree that it’s pretty f**ked-up that Trump is president.’ That’s not a controversial statement for a punk band to make. There is no controversy in this.”

What can we expect from your debut album ‘Try Not To Freak Out’ when it’s released in September?

Haley: “We just wanted it to be the 10 best songs that we could write. It’s all about being in your twenties and not really knowing what you’re going to do with your life. It’s about anxiety and guilt and feeling like you’re always doing something wrong. Like you’re always in the wrong place.”

What’s the one thing that people say about you that really p*sses you off?


Tor-Arne: “People have asked if the three guys in the band can really be feminist, as males. Why not? Is that so hard to imagine?”

The Details

From: Bergen, Norway

Social: @Slotfaceband

Live: The Great Escape, Brighton (May 18-19), Truck Festival, Oxfordshire(July 23), Leeds Festival (August 25), Reading Festival (August 27)

Buy: New single ‘Magazine’ is out now

Best Track: ‘Shave My Head’ // Feverish feminist punk that’s the ultimate party-starter showstopper.

For Fans Of: Wolf Alice, Los Campesinos!

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Strange But True: The band used to be called ‘Slutface’ but had to change the ‘u’ to an ‘o’ due to ‘social media censorship’.“It’s f**ked-up that Trump is president”