Sløtface share exhilarating new single ‘Magazine’

Patti Smith would never put up with this shit”. So says the rousing pre-chorus of Norwegian punk band Sløtface’s new single ‘Magazine’, who over a period of three years have worked their way from four unknowns from Bergen, into showing the same amount of rage and wit as the New York icon.

‘Magazine’, then, proves itself to be not just one of the most exhilarating songs that they’ve produced to date- but also maybe the most vital. “I really wanted to write a killer breakup song, but I’ve never really had any experience with heartbreaking, devastating, aggressive breakups, so I thought I would write a breakup song about breaking up with bad body image and unrealistic representations of human bodies in media,” singer Haley explains. “It’s fuelled by the back and forth of knowing that society creates unrealistic expectations regarding what people “should” look like, and still feeling uncomfortable in your own skin because you don’t live up to those images.”

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As they drop the new single and announce their long-awaited debut album ‘Time To Freak Out’, due September 15, we caught up with the band to talk body image, cheesey ‘00s teen-flicks and whether they are indeed freaking out over their debut album.

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Do you think its important for artists to challenge these harmful media perceptions of what a body should be?

We think everyone should be challenging the narrow selection of bodies we see in the media. We should all be working towards a higher degree of variation so that people don’t feel like they are somehow “wrong” compared to what they see in the media, and see themselves represented in healthy ways. 

You say the song would fit a 00s high-school rom-com film’s opening credits, what film of that era is your favourite?

It came out in 1999, so it was a bit early, but 10 Things I Hate About You with Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger is our absolute favourite. 

The album has also just been announced. Do you think you’ll freak out a couple of times before it’s finally out later this year?

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Oh definitely. We’re so excited to release it in September and are all a bit impatient as people, so we will be freaking out while we wait for the release. 

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‘Try Not To Freak Out’ is out September 15