Smith Westerns – Parking Glam In The Garage

Smith Westerns are making an artform out of being young and peachy-faced. They’re so petulant and audacious with it you just have to stand back and revel in the sheer menacing balls of their ‘oh, sorry, did you say something?’ shtick. This is all before they crack the whip and let rip a ballyhoo of woozy, beleaguered glam-garage.

We interviewed them the other day and they ranted about how funny it was that 80% of bands breaking have this really gross sense of desperation ‘cos they’re all hitting their mid-thirties and they can’t believe someone finally noticed their shitty post-punk outfit in its 17th incarnation. It’s funny cos it’s horrifically true. Ah, ageism…

Anyways, Smith Westerns are great.

Here’s some tracks:

Smith Westerns – ‘Be My Girl’

Smith Westerns – ‘Imagine Pt. 3’