Soccer Mommy’s new album ‘Clean’ is a devastating and totally unmissable listen

Soccer Mommy’s about to release her stunning debut album ‘Clean’ – a wondrous and reflective journey through your emotions and beyond. Sophie Allison swung by NME HQ to perform two ace sessions, which you can watch below to talk ‘Clean’, the gigantic new single ‘Your Dog’ and why she’s not allowed to play soccer anymore.

What kind of mindset were you in when you wrote this album?


It definitely is like looking back. I finished some songs later than others, so it is definitely looking back on the way you are in a relationship after the relationship has ended. I think where it all came from was wanting to be really strong and secure, not wanting to be weak in a relationship and not someone who gets taken advantage. You’re always just going to be who you are. It is kind of like reflecting on all of that, too.

Did writing this album help you process those emotions?

Definitely. I always write songs when I am conflicted with myself or conflicted with all of my emotions because I am not very good at just expressing it. I don’t really like to just talk about it or anything. I don’t talk with people about how I am feeling – I just usually write a song about it.

So, ‘Your Dog’ is the lead single and it’s pretty damn powerful…

That one is about wanting to be or not wanting to be weak to someone basically. It is not about a toxic relationship necessarily – people kind of read into that a little too much. It is just about not wanting to be pathetic to someone. It is not wanting to feel like you care more about someone, not wanting to feel like you give more into a relationship and you’re kind of like their pet, following them around, wanting admiration from them and not receiving it, being neglected.

‘Your Dog’ is a moment of strength on the album, I think, where it is like “I don’t want to be this” right at the very beginning of the album, where we are reflecting on a past relationship. It shows admiration and a romanticisation of other people who don’t have vulnerability and then it develops a realisation that vulnerability doesn’t have to mean weakness. It is OK to be vulnerable, it is just not worth making yourself feel worthless.


You took a break from studies when you got signed – did it feel like a big risk?

I always felt like it would feel like a huge risk, that is why I kept not doing it. When it came to the time to decide I was kind of just thinking about it and then I was like, ‘let’s just do it’ and it was really easy decision to take some time off for it.

Soccer Mommy is your recording name – are you any good at sports?

I’m not really a sports girl anymore – I used to be a huge sports girl. I played baseball for years, I played basketball for year In Middle School, I was playing in the school team and a travel team – I was playing so much soccer! I got very tired of it. I still like to play sports if people are just playing them but is just too competitive, I get like really crazy.

Are you too competitive?

I am way too competitive! I get so crazy that I don’t even care. We would play a sport and I would be so intense, I thought ‘I can’t do this anymore, I can’t be this intense’.

Soccer Mommy’s new album ‘Clean’ is March 2