Softer Still Embrace Dream Pop On Stunning New Single ‘Bliss’ (Premiere)

It’s perhaps easy to describe Softer Still merely as ‘dream pop’. Their debut single ‘New Age’ was awash with hazy guitars and distorted vocals – but it was never a sound that they had never set out to make. “We get described as ‘dream pop’ more than anything else and feel the label is apt, although falling into this category is more accidental and natural than intentional,” says guitarist and vocalist Grant Williams.

On their new track ‘Bliss’, premiering below, the Surrey quartet seem to provide more credence to this description. Anchored by a twisting guitar riff, it’s a delightfully breezy and laid-back sunbathing anthem with an undeniably catchy melody, which sees Williams muse on fantasies and dreams (“I fall asleep slipping into dreams/As close to you as make believe”). It could be mistaken for an early demo by The Cure, but the experimentation within – like the smartly used laser synths in the chorus – suggest that they’re not going to just fall within the expectations of ‘dream pop’, but push them as far as they can.

Listen to the premiere of new track ‘Bliss’ below.