Sohn: Listen To A Playlist Made By One Of NME’s Favourite New Artists

This week’s NME profiles enigmatic and shadowy producer Sohn, who’s been keeping his true identity secret since he was 12-years-old. He tells NME’s Lucy Jones about adopting aliases and how his debut album ‘Tremors’ may be morose but that’s okay because “melancholy is the most interesting emotion.”

In honour of him stepping a little further out of the shadows, he’s made Radar a playlist of some of his favourite electronic-centric artists. Listen to it below and pick up the magazine now to read the full interview with him.


Sohn – Need To Know

Based: Vienna

For Fans Of: Eyedress, Banks

Social: @SOHN

Buy It Now: ‘Lessons’ and ‘Bloodflows’ are out now. Debut album ‘Tremors’ will follow in April on 4AD

See Him Live: London Village Underground (April 17), London Field Day (June 7)


Believe It Or Not: Sohn can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under three minutes. He can also name every English king and queen in order from the very first one.