Soulwax collaborator WWWater shares stunning debut track

Yesterday, Belgian native Charlotte Adigéry shared her first taster of music under the moniker WWWater. In the past, she’s performed with dance legends Soulwax, been a part of backing vocals in various projects and even released music under her own name, but now she’s stepping out with a brand new project with her utterly charming new minimal-electro track ‘WWWater’.

We caught up with the rising artist to discuss why it was time for the project, what her generation is standing for and where 2017’s live performances will take her.

You’ve performed as a backing singer in the past for other acts – why did you decide to go it alone this time?


“I feel that WWWater is the way to express the need for me to take my time and to explore more minimalistic music and art. I was looking for inspiration for a long time and now it’s all there, and I have a clear vision of what I want to do now. For me it was ‘how do you express your emotion with the least possible elements?’, that was really interesting for me to really take out all the extras and just focus on the minimal.”

Why were you drawn to this spacious, minimal sound?

“I remember watching this documentary about punk music, and when it was over I thought ‘why isn’t my generation doing anything?’ There’s a lot to be mad about right now. What does our era stand for?

It’s all about social media. Right now, I really feel addicted to my phone. I feel like I’m saturated by information and that for me is a big theme of our era. So what’s the opposite of saturation? Well its minimalism. that’s where it really came from”

Does being on stage clear your mind then?


“When I’m on stage, everything disappears. So for me, it’s a nice way to create another space for me in life.”

How have your initial festival performances in Belgium gone so far?

“It’s been so smooth. I can get really insecure in other parts of my life, but the music part is going really well. But it just happened so I played a lot of great festivals, I met a lot of nice people. For the rest of the world I’m still a little ant and that’s fine. But in Belgium things are going really well.”

Did it start off like that?

“When I first played with WWWater I did it all by myself and it was like ‘okay, shit’, I felt so naked and so insecure. I don’t have an alter-ego like Beyoncé’s Sasha Fierce. I would like to, I just don’t. I soon became aware about the fact that if you’re just yourself then nobody can say anything.”

What kind of experience can people expect from your live show?

“I just want to play and I just want to share good vibes with people. The most precious thing of all for me is to see people dancing or to see that they’re laughing or just being happy to be there and that they’re not overthinking everything.”

WWWater will play an invitation event in Brussels on March 30 alongside Loyle Carner. To win tickets to their next event, go to FiftyFifty’s Facebook page.


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