Sound Of Arrows – Appropriately Go ‘Swuussssshhhhhh’

Sticklers for accuracy those Swedes…Or was that the Germans? Sorry, really should have got racial stereotypes organised before we started this post. You always have to appreciate a band that do what they say on the tin though, right?

Stockholm duo Sound Of Arrows have been locked up in Nigel Godrich’s dungeon for the past few month. They’ve been getting their heads down after being welcomed to these shores as one of next year’s most probable possibles in the stakes of fantasy-electro Prince Caspians. So they’ll be coming head-to-head in that category with Hurts then, in fact, no, Hurts are less Prince Caspian and more Tsar Heimrich.

If you’re into boys that enjoy tenderly embracing themselves/other boys, you’ll be into Oskar Gullstrand and Stefan Storm.

Here’s a newie fresh from Godrich towers, hot off the wire, or the bow, rather. It’s called: ‘Dark Sun’ (click the name to download).