Still Flyin’ – 100% Prime Beefcake San Fran Cod Reggae – Free MP3

I feel bad about these guys. I caught them at SXSW and made a load of really barbed compliments about them on one of my SXSW blogs. In fact, they weren’t even barbed compliments, more barbed non-committal descriptive statements. They didn’t come off radiating enthusiasm.

Then I got a message from their PR saying that they’d read my blog and felt a bit hard done by, which made me feel well mean. You never really envisage the bands you bitch about actually reading your slaggings. And the fact of the matter was, I wasn’t intentionally slagging them – I had really enjoyed their set!

It was more a case of me not feeling comfortable enough in myself to admit I liked them. So really, it was my problem, not theirs… They’re better, more assured, happier, more productive souls than I’ll ever be.


Still Flyin
Look at the crazy shenanigans they get up to!

So what if they resemble a a cross-between Scooby Doo’s Mystery inc gang and Sunday school drama group. So what if they hail from Mecca of sanctimony, San Fran, and play a genre less maligned than right-wing fundamentalist psy-trance; cod reggae, and do so with an application and vigor that makes the Go! Team seem like a bunch of grumbling off-work cab drivers… So what if all of that’s the case?

They’re pretty good! OK? I said it… Happy now?

Here’s a free download (click the track name), it’s called: ‘Good Thing It’s A Ghost Town Around Here’.


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