Strange Boys Singer Ryan Sambol Returns With New Solo Track ‘April March’

Ryan Sambol used to sing with The Strange Boys, a band from America who put out a couple of great records on In The Red and Rough Trade between 2008 and 2011. In retrospect, they completely embodied the eclecticism and spirit of North America’s best garage bands today, only their timing was a few years off – they hit just before artists like Mac DeMarco and Parquet Courts (both of whom paid their DIY/underground dues) had begun to reap the mainstream benefits they enjoy now.


After putting The Strange Boys on hold, there was a rootsy record from Ryan under the name ‘Living Grateful’, with fine songs like ‘A Peer’ on it:

Then there was a trip to Morocco, which resulted in the record ‘After Lunch’, which sounds like something Brian Jones might have conjured up on his mid 60s trips to the country:

Today comes ‘April March’, a brand new track taken from a projected solo album called ‘Rail Sing’. It incorporates elements of ‘Skinhead Moonstomp’ as well as the weirder cuts from The White Album – stuff like ‘Wild Honey Pie’ and ‘Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?’. Listen below, and check out our Q&A with Ryan after the jump.


NME: Where are you based now?
Ryan Sambol: Just outside Austin, TX. A little past the airport on Highway 71. A town called Cedar Creek.

NME: What have you been up to since releasing ‘Living Grateful’?
RS: Travelin’ around, washing some dish, making music with buddies.

NME: What’s the story with ‘Rail Sing’?
RS: ‘Rail Sing’ is a mix between a few studios but mostly from my backyard. Main inspirations being life on earth, love on earth, and time.

NME: Do you have any plans to tour it?
RS: I do, but we’ll see if anyone has any plans to book it.

Ryan Sambol plays Berlin in New York City on May 17, alongside Lomelda and Cut Worms.