Stream Cardiff’s Estrons Blistering New EP ‘Whoever She Was…’ – Exclusive

Cardiff’s Estrons are the latest hopefuls to kick up an industry fuss, mainly thanks to their track ‘Make A Man’ being an absolute banger.

Cut from the same cloth as Spring King’s ‘Who Are You?’, its genius lies in its intensity. A gentle, cloying start gives way to a frenetic, electrified verse as singer Taliesyn Källström metaphorically boots down the door with some brilliantly shouty lyrics about someone living to regret the day they ever met her.

We’re premiering Estrons’ full EP ‘Whoever She Was…’ here, ahead of its official release on Gofod Records Ltd tomorrow (December 11) – and all four tracks back up the hype building around the band. It bodes well for 2016.


While you’re here, check out the ‘Make a Man’ video:

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