Sub Pop’s Arbor Labor Union Summon The Spirit Of QOTSA On Epic New Track ‘Mr Birdsong’

‘Mr Birdsong’ is a fine, fine way to kick off your new album campaign. Georgia act Arbor Labor Union used to be called Pinecones, but changed names around the same time Sub Pop snapped them up last year. Since then there’s been fairly little fanfare about them – but that should change with the premiere of this rollicking new track.

Produced by Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn0))), Thurston Moore, Black Mountain) and taken from the forthcoming album ‘I Hear You’, it’s seven-plus minutes of stodgy desert rock delivered with a southern drawl that recalls QOTSA’s more groove-based moments, as well as cult Swede act The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

“Go ahead and say out loud: ‘I AM NOT INSANE!!!’” screams singer/guitarist Bo Orr at one point, sounding both insane and hell-bent on alerting the white coat brigade. It’s a swirling, motorik and wilfully heavy beast:

‘I Hear You’ is released via Sub Pop on May 13. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Mr. Birdsong
2. Hello Transmission
3. Radiant Mountain Road
4. I Am You
5. Volume Peaks
6. Babel
7. Belief’d
8. Silent Oath
9. IHU