Superorganism’s debut show proved they’ll be your favourite new band at festival season next summer

A quick crash course for those not in the know about Superorganism: the 8-piece collective met on internet forums last year, dropped their debut single ‘Something For Your Mind’ in January and had us all eating out of their hand almost immediately. We finally heard a bit more about them last month – you can read NME’s interview right now – but up until then, the music did the talking.

It’s no surprise then that their debut live show at London’s Village Underground had become an event. Having completely bypassed London’s pub circuit, the Domino-signees leapt straight into the deep end for the live arrival at the 600-capacity venue – and boy, it was majestic as you’d have hoped.


Crammed onto the stage, the group opened with the thumping ‘It’s All Good’, adorned in assorted multi-coloured raincoats and with tasseled tambourines. ‘Nobody Cares’ is as face melting live as it is on record as the set’s third song, ‘Night Time’ melds trippy d’n’b beats with vibrant vocals from the four vocalists. Sublime from the off.

While the music is an utter triumphant, last night’s show hammered home that Superorganism’s appeal stretches far beyond the music. A bespoke visual show – featuring arcade noises, deep-sea psychedelia and stunning stargazing scenes – is primed to be a must-see come festivals next summer.

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A run of bassy Gorillaz-esque thumpers add a grittier vibe to the show – though in the poppier songs, unassuming lead singer Orono has got the crowd chanting along within 30 seconds

As first shows go, Superorganism have knocked it out of the park. But on first impressions, it was only a tantalizing look into what is sure to be dominating your festivals favourite stages in the sunshine next summer.


Superorganism played:

It’s All Good
Nobody Cares
Night Time
Reflections on the Screen
Prawn Song

Nai’s March
Everybody Wants to be Famous
Something for your M.I.N.D

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