Swimming Girls dive into the deep end with huge indie banger ‘Back Of Your Car’

Bristol band Swimming Girls are back in business today with the neon-tinged indie-pop winner ‘Back Of Your Car’. Packing New Wave synths, Haim-esque harmonies and a 1975-sized chorus a triumphant, arms-aloft anthem is born. We spoke to the band to get the lowdown on the new single.

Back of Your Car

Back of Your Car, an album by Swimming Girls on Spotify

Tell us the story of your new single. When did you write it and what is it about?

We wrote ‘Back Of Your Car’ during a heat wave a few summers ago. There’s a lot of vivid imagery as a direct result of this – but despite its bright surface, there’s a darker core to the song. It’s essentially about ignoring the warning signs of a decaying relationship, and living in an idyllic fantasy world to avoid facing the truth.

You list David Lynch as a collective influence – what’s your favourite of his work?

Twin Peaks would be our favourite piece of David Lynch’s work. It pushed boundaries when it came out, mixing lots of different genres in a way no television series had before. It was fun, it was horrifying, it was affecting. When something can challenge you while remaining beautiful and most importantly accessible, that’s art. Also, Log Lady is an absolute legend.

If you had to compare yourself to one band, who would it be?

If we had to choose just one, it would be The Cranberries

Which of the band is the best swimmer?

We’re all pretty strong swimmers apart from Vanessa (singer). She kind of swims like a dog… but she owns it.