Swimming – Notts Homegrown Super-Mega-Power Indie

They’re introducing new government gradings for indie music, it’s going to be a bit like the drugs classification system. They seek to gauge the exact ‘woosh’ factor of certain bands’ tunes.

There’s: shmindie (that’ll be your equivalent to drugs no one does like barbiturates etc), then there’s your bog-standard indie (think weed etc), power-indie (think pills, acid, that kind of thing), then there’s super-mega-power indie (your smack, crack, crystal meth et al).

Nottingham band Swimming have been buzzing around like right little busy-bees for a while this year. They self-released their first single called ‘Panthalassa’ a few months back. Here’s the vid:


Under the new government gradings system it’d be rated super-mega-power-indie, no doubt.

This is their new one, it’s not as good, more just your common ol’ garden ‘indie’, it’s called ‘Tiger Shark’:

In celebration of their first single and the fact they’re heading out on tour with Iliketrains (check their Myspace), we’ve managed to snaffle you guys the aforementioned slice of super-mega-power indie as a free MP3. Or, ‘on tick’ as you might say. Click the name to download: ‘Panthalassa’ . You didn’t get it from me though, right?