Tash Sultana on her mind-melting jazz banger ‘Mystik’ and life on the road

Tash Sultana’s new song ‘Mystik’ is mega. An intoxicating cocktail of jazzy trumpets, pop choruses and smoky vocals, the Australian newcomer has staked her claim as one of the most unique new artists in the game right now. And the fans have noticed that. She’s just announced a gigantic show at London’s Brixton Academy for next October for over 6,000 fans, set to be one of the new music events of the year.

We got the lowdown from Tash about the new song, her unique influences and life on the road.


Tell us the story behind ‘Mystik’…

The story behind Mystik is that the last couple of months of my life have been really fucked. And I wanted to write a song that didn’t capture how shit I was feeling. One day I woke up at 5 in the morning, went into my studio and the song pretty much fell out of my hands. 

There’s so many cool elements in your music – who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Erykah Badu, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Iver, D’Angelo, Led Zepplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley and Fat Freddy’s Drop.

The amount of great new music coming out of Australia right now is staggering – why do you think that’s so?


Because the music industry is changing and we have platforms like Apple Pandora, Spotify, that connect artists to the rest of the world as well as social channels like Youtube and Facebook that connect fan communities to each other.

You’re about to tour the world – how have you found life on the road?

I am about to come off of a two-year world tour. I find being occupied very easy, but I find going home very difficult. I find it hard to settle into a normal routine environment. I have learnt my boundaries and what I need to do to preserve my energy and not give out too much of myself every night. I take alone time when I can.

Tash Sultana will play:

Manchester, Club Academy (October 28)
London, Shepherd’s Bush Empire (October 29)
London, Brixton Academy (September 20, 2018)