The Buzz – Gayngs, Myles Cooper, DJ Yasmin

The Buzz is the magazine’s weekly rundown of artists, scenes, labels and tracks breaking forth from the underground.

1. Myles Cooper’s ‘Gonna Find Boyfriends today’ video
Full of dancing cartoon cupcakes, Martians in tank-tops, LSD guppy fish and sweating Manga choirboys, this comes from the same San Fran scene that brought us Hunx And His Punx. Being straight never felt so square.

2. Funeral Party
Is it 2002 and we’re back pogoing to the debut Vines single? Or is it 2005 and suddenly it feels like every beat lacking a cowbell was a wasted rhythm? On this roar of youth energy from an ex-LA Mexican skate gang the foaming anticipation of both is captured and thrust into some poor fool’s face like a kind of indie mace.

3. Dagenham OT crew
The Outakers, or OT crew, have had a huge profile boost since their prodigal son Devlin became the first to sign a major label deal. Now leading the pack of undiluted UK street sounds, OT’s Essex boy-styling collates a gang that look like a mixture of gaunt hash dealers and football firm psychos, but perform like linguistic X-Men.

4. Gayngs collective
This is a mammoth supergroup guided by Ryan Olson and joined in steamy, lothario spirits by POS, Solid Gold, Megafaun, the Rosebuds, Lookbook, and, er, Bon Iver. It reinvokes the slick’n’beaty smoking jacket spirits of Dan The Automator and Mike Patton’s ‘Lovage’ concept album with a plaid-friendly, strung-out, earthy twang.

5. DJ Yasmin
Hip-hop’s all about hustling. Apparently that wasn’t lost on this 21-year-old Glasgow ex-pat. She brought her party rap cuts down to the capital where she hooked up with The Cool Kids. Next thing she knows she’s blagged slots with NERD and Eve as their deck-girl and is running one of London’s best R&B nights, Bad Intentions.