The Buzz – Hear 11 New Bands Tipped By NME (Plus One From Real Estate)

This week’s Buzz section in Radar sees us big up The Symposium, who’ve risen from the same Chicago scene as The Orwells and Twin Peaks. There’s a definite Casablancas-tint to their tunes (not least in the vocals), so anybody out there wishing Julian would swap the ARE Weapons-inspired racket for something a little more, uh, ‘Is This It’, might wanna give them a listen.

There’s also Lapsley, who’s had a few mentions from us already – but is now even more worthy of your time since she’s inked a deal with XL. Expect huge things next year for her. And then, Matt Mondanile from Real Estate talks to us about his favourite Radar-level artist too. See:

“Itasca is a great folk singer from Los Angeles. Her real name is Kayla Cohen, and she makes really nice songs, all recorded at home so there’s a very intimate feel. She has a beautiful voice.”

Listen to everybody mentioned above and more below – and pick up the latest issue of the mag to read what we’ve got to say about every act on the playlist.