The Buzz – Walls, Ramesses, Slasher Disco

The Buzz is the magazine’s weekly rundown of artists, scenes and clubs breaking forth from the underground

1. Walls
Think Panda Bear collaborating with Krautrock stalwart Hans-Joachim Roedelius, or Fuck Buttons with more emphasis on the foreplay. Walls are a bit of a Radar supergroup. Banjo Or Freakout’s Alessio Natalizia and Allez Allez’s Sam Willis met last year when the latter remixed the former. Three weeks in a Hackney bedroom studio later and Walls had a debut album that was snapped up by Cologne emoto-techno powerhouse Kompakt. Their hazy jams have the invisible propulsion of techno. “We want to simulate that MDMA feeling when your feet aren’t touching the ground,” Sam told NME.

2. Ramesses
Imagine Chris Martin, Joss Stone and Matt Bellamy’s faces all bludgeoned into a bloody pulp by the almighty hammer of Thor, the Norse thunder God. Got that? Great. Because that’s what Ramesses want. The explosion of UK ‘true doom’ metal with these lot at the forefront has the south coast looking decidedly murky.

3. A Club Called Rhonda
The definitive LA good-times soirée right now. If you hadn’t guessed, it’s what promoters term a ‘polysexual’ crowd. The likes of Acid Girls and Lolboys – yup, you heard, Lolboys – kick out sunny, lusty disco-house with many-a-legendary guest to baying throngs of model/actor/bus boys and girls on Sunset Boulevard every month.

4. Twin Sister
Rip the white earphones out of any plaid-soldier in Brooklyn right now and they’ll be listening to this lot. Twin Sister sound like they’ve been keeping their ears pricked at all the Gang Gang structure-shirking mentalism in NYC recently. But that’s only a minor distraction from their mission to be the next Beach House success story.

5. Slasher disco
It may sound like the theme of a birthday party an annoying friend insists you attend, but slasher disco is the latest sound to emerge from Chicago. Pioneered by Gatekeeper, with Nutsclub and White Car in tow, the malaevolent synth stabs and omni-present slasher movie samples have been turning the Windy City bloody.