The Cabin Fever – South Coast Stoner-Pop Workhorse

Dan Hall (aka The Cabin Fever) is the hardest working stoner on the south coast.

His idol is Daniel Johnston:

Now most of his time is spent out of secure accommodation, his days are sandwiched full of creating reams of his own homemade video masterpieces like the below ‘Cats Are Cooler Than Dogs’, painting murals in the hallowed lineage of ‘Take Me To Your Dealer’ Athena artwork circa 1993, and making some really lovely tunes in debt to his idol. Oh, and in between all this his manages to smoke on average a bong an hour.

Here’s an exclusive new track, out soon through 50 Bones, it’s called: ‘It’s All Good’ (click the track name to download).

For more info and our interview with Dan check this week’s magazine.