The Crookes – Steel City Barbershop Blues (FREE MP3)

Sheffielders are an adorably entrepreneurial bunch. They’re always coming up with nifty way’s the earn a quick buck in hard times. If they’re not getting their willies out in front of red-faced, screaming women in working men’s clubs, or rebirthing Brit-rock as something visceral and vital for the first time in yonks, they’re harnessing the grace and guts of old-time swing and woozy Barbershop harmonies – packaging it up as the latest indie-disco bread’n’butter. Basically we’re talking Vincent Vincent and The Villains and Some Songs You Might Actually Remember.

The Crookes, there’s a reason they’re clean shaven

Here’s the demo of The Crookes new single (click name to download) it’s called: ‘Yes, Yes, We’re Magicians’.