The Dougie, Muchuu, Miami Horror – This Week’s The Buzz

The rundown of the music, videos and scenes setting the blogosphere on fire this week

1. The Dougie
So the next US hip-hop dance phenomenon is here, and guess what, it’s Radar’s favourite since ‘the Soulja Boy’. Why? Firstly, because it’s impossible to ‘do the Dougie’ and not look a total ninny, no matter how thick and icey your chain, or how low-slung your denim.

Secondly, because after watching at least five alternate versions of Cali Swag Crew’s frustratingly named ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’ promo we’re still none the wiser as to a) who or what ‘Dougie’ is, or b) how do it. In fact, all we know is that it looks silly and involves a Fonzie-style hair-combing motion. We’re not sure if it’s meant to be an ironic title. Despite a perfectly catchy soundtrack of faux-Indian minimalist West Coast hip-pop, it can make for frustrating viewing if approaching with choreographic aspirations.

2. Muchuu
At least three times a week Radar answers the phone to someone using the fact that Nick Grimshaw has played a band’s single to try and get in the mag. Here are the first one of these conversations to bear fruit. Muchuu are a Herefordshire bro/sis duo that sound like Ellie Goulding had she used Fever Ray’s Sacred Spirit-brand world electronics.

3. Miami Horror’s ‘Sometimes’ Video
You know how there’s an argument for Spiller’s ‘Groovejet…’ being the best song of all time? Well, now imagine the same track, without Sophie Ellis Bextor, but with Swedish concept-pop gods The Tough Alliance, and used on a Uniqlo ad campaign? Struggling? Well, watch this hunk of Aussie dreamwave.

4. Niki & the Dove’s Debut ‘Under the Bridges’
Neither called Niki nor an ornithologist, Malin Dahlström treads the same cobbled Gothenburg streets as The Embassy and Lissvik; proving that there’s definitely something in the glögg. Her debut 12-inch is out on Moshi Moshi this month.

5. Melodica, Melody and Me’s October Tour
After somehow weathering the inevitable all-out carnage that was the Bombay Bicycle Club acoustic tour, MMM are venturing on tour with a fully-stocked arsenal of miniature guitar-looking instruments. If whispers are right, this could be the stint that elevates them to a nu-folk plot next to Mumfordonia.

This article originally appeared in the August 21 issue of NME

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