The Great Escape 2010: Day 1. Darwin Deez, Jamaica, Active Child and Cold Cave

So The Great Escape “Europe’s leading new music festival” (source: The Great Escape’s own posters) asked Radar to curate its own stage at its annual festivities in Brighton.

Very flattered, I obliged by booking up three day’s worth of some of the best breaking music around. As one does. It was the first time Radar had been given its own stage for the duration of a festival, so pretty exciting times. It was extra fitting that it was in my hometown of Brighton. So I could do things like call in at my mum’s on the way:

Hi mum!


It’s one of these gigantic multi-venue shindigs that subsumes a city for a few days, and somewhere the stars were aligning when they were divvying up the venues as Radar somehow bagged The Most Perfect Brightonian Venue You Could Ever Dream Of. Horatio’s Bar, right slap-bang on the end of the pier. Snuggled in-between The Horror Hotel and the dodgems. I shit you not:

Look what you have to walk through to get there:

Anyways, Jamaica cut our ribbon with a volley of beaming Parisian indie-pap boogies (not a word to be used lightly, but totally warranted here). They came on to 10CC’s ‘Dreadlock Holiday’, and made pithy asides about Red Stripe sponsoring proceedings:

We caught up outside:

The whole thing had been booked before Christmas, and artist’s trajectories are sometimes tricky to get spot-on. We put Darwin Deez on second, but things have obvs right kicked-off since then. Making things RROOOADDDBLOCKKKK by 8.30pm:

The maudlin majesty of Los Angeles’ Active Child breathed sparks into the atmosphere once Darwinmania had died down. This stunning rendition of ‘In The Church Tonight’ proved case-in-point, which ever way you look at it, that you simply cannot knock a man with a harp:


Me and A.C singer/frontman/songwriter/creator/dictator/auteur took a romantic moonlight stroll on the pier afterwards:

Then what a way to wrap things up, ever transfixing, ever anthemic, ever surly, ever bruising, Cold Cave faded things to black. Now, I put this next footage up somewhat hesitantly, as I just got an email this morning notifying me that it’s actually under consideration for several major international cinematography awards. So best keep this to yourselves:

I had fish and chips after. I’ve pledged to eat the pier’s fish’n’chips every day whilst I’m here: