The Great Escape Day 3 – Theophilus London, Esben & The Witch, Team Ghost

I was genuinely a bit gutted not to have an excuse to spend my days loitering around the end of Brighton pier. Thankfully, the final day’s Radar Live bills were just about enough to save me from handing my CV into the three-toothed gentleman running the Dolphin Derby.

Paris’ Team Ghost kicked things off. Or opened the flood gates, more like, letting free a torrential downpour of icy and epic cold-gaze (that’s a combination of cold-wave and shoe-gaze, btw, duh):

Afterwards we laughed in the face of the language barrier:

Real Estate had a mix-up with scheduling, so couldn’t play. So at short-notice Bournemouth’s stoner answer to Daniel Johnston stepped in. Welcome one and all Dan Hall, aka The Cabin Fever. Considering it was only their second gig as a full live band, it went down pretty mega.

‘Cats Are Cooler Than Dogs’, is becoming something of a fan favourite and recieved a bit of a cheer as Dan announced it. Afterwards Dan explained the last line to me: “Fearne Cotton is cooler than most, I love her till the day I am a ghost”.

“Whilst you might not consider her typically cool,” he told me. “She’s done some amazing artwork.” apparently. “She’s done an amazing portrait of Iggy Pop Dan has assured us:

Esben And The Witch played next, and brought buckets of that elusive asset ‘vibe’, and a few choice melodies to boot. Unfortunately they insisted on banging out their witching-hour boom odysseys with no lights on the stage whatsoever. So my filming yielded disappointing results. I did however catch up with them after:

With things having got a bit atmospheric, it was nice to crank up the party-factor for the closing set. In steps Theophilus London. It took him a few songs, but before too long he had the throngs decidedly baying. At had his upcoming asault on Kanye’s shonky-looking thrown looking more primed than ever before:

Afterwards he did nothing to shirk his mantle as the most gentlemanly new statesman of hip-hop. Aside from the lengthy mushrooms anecdote: