The Great Escape: Georgia’s stunning live reinvention might make a pop hero out of her

Georgia’s new live show is a revelatory experience. It’s free of limits, pressure and the outside world, and if you manage to look around the room, in between your own shimmying, you’ll see that everyone else is lost in their own little world, too. Pure bliss.

The show feels effortless, but naturally, there’s a lot more going into it than you could imagine.“It all relies on us being tech-y,” the London musician told us on the eve of her Great Escape showcase at the weekend. “I spend quite a long time in pre-production with Hinako Omori in my studio making sure all the sounds are levelled or if we want certain aesthetics out of the mixes etc. Then its making sure all the sounds work on the different pieces of equipment. I’ve even learnt how to solder leads!”


One thing revellers can tell is that these days, Georgia knows how to build a big ol’ pop banger. Her last two singles – ‘Started Out’ and ‘About Work The Dancefloor’ are a testament to that, and by the time they get an airing at her Friday night set, the hard work that goes into them are evident. The solo producer, surrounded by an array of machines, cymbals and more is frantically patching this song together while belting out some of the best choruses you’ll hear all year.

Those songs in particular meant that her live show was due a massive reinvention. Influenced by the Chicago house scene in the ‘80s and the skilled live performances that followed, meant that Georgia wanted to represent that. “I was watching a lot of Depeche Mode live performances. In one of ‘Shake The Disease, one of the members was hitting a Simmons Pad [electronic drums] and I did more research into those kits and then it became clear to me that the live show should be centred on me playing the Simmons Kit standing up & singing.”

The dynamic set-up finds Georgia at her most engaging. As she airs cuts from her forthcoming second album, she moves and grooves, carefully manipulating the pads in front, while reaching for the stars up top to smash the cymbal every so often. It’s evocative and exhilarating. ‘The Thrill’, an unreleased song is an ambitious slice of dance-pop to file next to Little Dragon, while the bouncing ‘I Can’t Wait’ is more in line with the chart hits right now, but with a punky, MIA-twist.

From this new live set, and the tantalising hints about the upcoming album, we can tell she’s following her very own blueprints into coming one of Britain’s most talented and unique pop stars.