The Indien talk their new EP and loving the UK crowds after their CineJam show

Dreamy pop, with a twist of gritty R&B

After whipping up a frenzy in their native Holland, indie-pop heroes The Indien popped by NME & BFI present: CineJam Supported By Zig-Zag to offer some soothing vibes, right before 2014 film Whiplash gave everyone a good knockon the head. Rianne Walther (vocals) and Casper Talsma (guitars) give us the lowdown on their soundand why us Brits are aperfect crowd for them.

For those who are new to the band, how would you describe The Indien’s sound?

Rianne: “Melodic but gritty. We live in the now, so we wanna make music for now, but I sometimes wish I was born in the ’60s.”


Casper: “There’s a lot of inspiration from the ’60s and ’70s, but it doesn’t necessarily sound ’60s or ’70s – we’re not a retro band, don’t worry.”

Your set went down well with the London crowd. Why do you think people connect with your songs so well?

Casper: “I think the alternative scene in the UK is more broad and wide than in Holland. We have a lot of mainstream Dutch artists that people listen to, so when you play alternative music to them sometimes they’re like, ‘I have to be more drunk for this!’”

Music and film go hand in hand, but why do you think that connection is so important?

Casper: “It amplifies the storyline and the emotions massively.”


Rianne: “I think it would be so different if you saw a movie with no music or soundtrack at all. It would be a totally different experience. Definitely worse.”

It’s been nearly two years since your last EP – what can we expect from the next one?

Casper: “We had so little to prove when we did the first EPs – we didn’t even do it in a real studio. We just used some cheap audio interface and cheap microphones, and we thought, ‘Well, this sounds OK.’ But I think the second EP is way more polished than the first.”

Rianne: “We’re taking more time to develop the songs, so we think it’s going to be ‘The Indien 2.0’. The better version of ourselves.”

The Indien played NME & BFI Present: CineJam Supported By Zig-Zag at Rooftop Film Club, Peckham, a series of summer music and film events curated by Bastille’s Dan Smith.