Let New York newcomers The Muckers take you on a glittery trip back in time

Get to know one of New York's most exciting new bands

Witnessing The Muckers live feels like you’ve been transported back in time. On stage, the New York-based four-piece often look they’ve been beamed in straight from the ‘70s – we’re talking sequin-embellished waistcoats and bright, bootcut trousers, here. Their soulful, groove-filled brand of psych-rock does nothing to dampen that vibe either, straddling the line between Studio 54 disco strut, the funk stomp of Earth, Wind & Fire, wiry CBGBs post-punk, and more.

‘This Town Will Drag Us Down’ – one of four songs the band have released in the two years since playing their first show in the US – has much the same effect as their gigs. Built upon a swinging bassline and jittery guitar line, it’ll make hypnotists out of your speakers, and that’s before you even get to the part where the guitar sounds like its being played through water (that’s a good thing).


As well as being one of New York’s most exciting new bands, The Muckers are also a gang who don’t take themselves too seriously. While half of the video for ‘This Town Will Drag Us Down’ (directed by Idle House) finds them doing their best camera faces in front of a sparkly glitter curtain, other parts of it could be taken from a cult ‘70s stoner cop film about a psych band hilariously mixed up with some bad people. That might sound like a movie we’d all love to watch, but trust us – The Muckers will give you a far bigger rush.

Watch the ‘This Town Will Drag You Down’ video above now and catch them at Brooklyn’s The Broadway on June 20.

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