The Ramshackle Union Band – To Good For This Time (FREE MP3)

At the moment, the older the style of music the cooler it is. We ran a feature last week in the mag about the staggering proliferation of ukulele bands of late. It’s tricky to tell what triggered this new era. I guess there’s a certain romance to getting in touch with the ‘roots’ of music, tracing things further and further back. The new buzz genre-renaissance in 2010 is going to involve hitting a piece of flint again a cave wall and grunting at the moon.

Ramshackle Union Band

Putting the ‘loud’ into cloudy ale.

The tricky thing with all these nu-trust fund folk urchins is its very tricky to invoke world-wise insight and torment when they’ve spent all 17 of their years on earth washing their bottoms with Alaskan yak milk from a ruby-encrusted platinum bidet.

The Ramshackle Union Band don’t even know what a bidet is. They’re four twenty-somethings who live in Stoke Newington (Stoke-folk, anyone?) and have been causing enraptured scenes across London with a series of amazing shows at their own hosted Ramshackle knees-ups. It’s lush, woozy bluegrass for weary hearts and bleeding minds.

Here’s an exclusive download, it’s called ‘Magdalene’