The Temper Trap – Saviours Of Enormo-Indie?

Enormo-indie (aka new era rock’n’roll custom-built for sports wear-sponsored stadia) has taken a bit of a knock of late.

Razorlight’s album flopped, as did Keane’s. People have been talking of a change of mood within the record buying public. Has the common man (and lady!) turned his/her collective back on anemically soaring choruses and oceans of overdubs?

The reality is that both those albums just weren’t anywhere near as catchy as the bands previous efforts, and that MOR-enthusiasts are far savvier than anyone gave them credit for.

A distinctly hipper prospect than either of the aforementioned artists, The Temper Trap are four chaps from Melbourne that are here to reinstall everyone’s faith in bigtime, heavy hitting indie-rock.

Temper Trap
Temper Trap, primed for big tings

They’re our lead Radar this week in the mag. So as a bottle of champers on the their starboard bow, here’s a freebie track, called ‘Hearts’..