The Unmasking Of Silver Columns…

Will officially happen in our new music issue, out second week of January. We know who it is, but have been sworn to secrecy until after the next single drops.

Sorry, a bit of a swizz that title, then. But right now blog-house inner-circles are getting all dizzy -well, as dizzy as any blog-house circle allows itself to go, which isn’t very – over the indentity of these enigmatic producers putting the anthemia back into tech-lektro.

Mainly cos if this choon:

Various names of differing degrees of plausibility have been bandied around. We can however cull the rumours that it’s anyone vaguely to do with Hot Chip.
The original is featured on our Daily Download blog here.

But now we’ve officially scheduled our exclusive unveiling of the culprits, we’ll ease your frustrations with a brace of downloads from ’em that you will simply not get anywhere else.

Silver Columns – ‘Yes And Dance’

Fever Ray – ‘Seven (Silver Columns Remix)’