The Vaccines – The Worst-Kept Secret In London Indie

The Chinese whispers that preceeded the arrival of The Vaccines was something to behold. For about a fortnight every ‘in-the-know’ music industry type I came across would speak of this mysterious new London rock’n’roll outfit who were set to be the future of everything.

No one could resist losing their shit over them to anyone who’d listen, but refused point-blank to let slip any details about who they were. Key members had been in other known bands, so the legend went, some were family members of other notable acts, or something to that effect.

iPod playlists had the artist name removed, or a comedy moniker stuck in. People were – probably quite justly – petrified of the hype-mill getting out-of-control.

Finally the pieces of the puzzle came together. They’re called the Vaccines, it’s Jay Jay Pistolet and Tom from The Horrors’ little brother, Freddie. They make indie rock’n’roll that makes total sense after the biggest summer of sunny bubblegum lo-fi ever, but with something scorched and woozy sounding of its own. It’s ace.

The Vaccines – ‘If You Wanna’