Three Days In California With The Drums – Day 3

As our time was coming to a close, the band had a live ‘acoustic’ radio session booked with a local LA station WOXY. They went to a studio to record three tracks first thing Friday morning. They didn’t like doing actual acoustic performances, so they’d planned a special stripped-back set for the occasion.

This is them doing a little mumbled improv run-through of ‘Let’s Go Surfing’, un-mic’d up. Connor’s drumming on his knees. Pretty adorable.

They played three songs to an enraptured and ecstatic audience of four. Me, Aimee, the radio show chap and the sound engineer. This is ‘Submarine’.

The show wanted them to record some ‘idents’ for their jingles. Jacob refused to. The rest of them agreed, as you can see, a little reluctantly.

The rest of the band had to catch a flight back to New York, but Jon and Connor had to stay to finish mixing the album with Jason out in Riverside. Before they got back to work, we went for some brunch at Swingers, the diner next door to our LA hotel. With Thanksgiving coming up, we had a fittingly themed chat to wrap thing up.