Step into Thunder Jackson’s mystical world via this unbelievably good pop debut

A little while back we got an email from Thunder Jackson, a music duo from Oklahoma and Cardiff. “Who is Thunder Jackson?” the email posed. They then answered their own question. “We are two people. One of us is from Oklahoma. One of us is from Cardiff, in Wales. We met in a taxi in California. Sometimes these things just work out rather well. What are the chances? Who is Thunder Jackson?”

There was music in there, too. The song was called ‘Guilty Party’ and it is a serious pop banger. Like, really really good. We were intrigued. So we asked the guys the question – who is Thunder Jackson?

First off, who is Thunder Jackson?

Thunder Jackson is caped and crusading. Thunder Jackson is dancing on the Milky Way. Thunder Jackson is not available for comment.

What did you talk about in your taxi ride?

Thunder Jackson talked about the correct constitution of a White Russian. Apparently people often substitute heavy cream for milk. A mistake.

When did you decide to start working on music?

When the conversation finally turned away from mixology, much to the drivers surprise, Thunder began to sing…

Who were big mutual influences?

If Thunder Jackson was caught unawares; if the life of his dog Bowie was dependant on choosing; Thunder Jackson would say – the early works of Glen Campbell, the prose of Cormac McCarthy and the rare feeling of fine silk.

What’s the next step for Thunder Jackson?

Thunder Jackson is currently in Venice Beach working.

So that probably poses more questions that it answers. But instead, maybe that’s how we should be listening to ths music – with as little context and with as little waffle as possible. Here then, is Thunder Jackson’s debut song, ‘Guilty Party’. Tuck in.