TikTok and Twilight: Girl In Red’s guide to quelling quarantine boredom

"I’m just helping so many people waste their lives"

Struggling to find ways to while the hours while on lockdown? It can be pretty tricky. But as we all take on this once-in-a-generation burden to save humankind from coronavirus by sitting on our arses, it doesn’t mean that we have to be bored completely stiff.

We’re updating a daily playlist of quarantunes to keep you dancing through these trying times, and we’ve given you some albums to help you concentrate and get shit done while trapped indoors. But what if you want a little distraction? A little escape?

Fear not – Girl In Red, star of the NME 100 and destroyer of boredom, is here to help. From her bunker in Norway, here’s what she’s been watching to brighten up self-isolation.

David Dobrik

“David Dobrik has been taking up a lot of my time. I literally just found out who he is. He’s a YouTuber and his videos are just of an insane bunch of rich people being goofy and living the best life in L.A. When this is over, I wanna live like this.”

YouTube concerts

“YouTube is my number one thing right now. I’ve just been making these short videos where I talk about life and hang out with people. I love reading the comments and it makes me miss being with friends. I’m just trying to connect with someone. Everyone’s in the same boat right now. People are very understanding and nice – especially here in Norway. It’s like we’re all on this same cabin trip like, ‘We’ve all gotta do this shit together!’ I did a live gig on Youtube. It felt good to play something that remotely felt like a show again. I might do it again. Maybe I’ll show people how to produce or make a song.”

Me – on TikTok!

“Don’t download TikTok because you will be addicted. I spent four hours on TikTok yesterday. I made a video and that shit blew up, man! I literally got 100k followers in two days. I made a corona song on piano and bass and then put it to me washing my hands with hand sanitizer. It’s had over 1million views! It’s kinda cool. TikTok is really changing me right now. I’m just helping so many people waste their lives.”


♬ original sound – girlinred



“I’ve watched this thing called Castlevania on Netflix. I’ve been following it for the last three years and it’s breaking with my prejudice against anime. For the longest time I’ve been like, ‘Oh I’m not gonna watch fucking cartoons – they’re for kids’, but there’s porn in here, man! There’s boobs! This ain’t for kids, it’s 18+! I’m not saying I’m watching Castlevania for the anime boobs, but it’s really not what I thought it would be.”

I’m Not Okay With This

I’m Not OK With This is made by the creator of The End Of The Fucking World. I really liked it because there was this weird thing throughout the whole season with this supernatural shit. I didn’t know what was going on, but it had me always waiting for what’s next. Being on lockdown, I’m very open to a lot of stuff right now so anything that can entertain me even remotely has me hooked.”

The Twilight movies

“I watched all the Twilight stuff too – every movie in two days. I don’t remember it being that bad. They didn’t have sex until they got married and I feel like it’s some kind of super-religious American way of saying, ‘Vampires can do this so you can too!’ It was really weird, but that wasn’t the problem. I was trying to figure out what it was even about. In Lord Of The Rings, they have to destroy this fucking ring, right? Harry Potter has to kill Voldemort or whatever. In Twilight, you don’t know who the bad guy is. The bad guys weren’t bad enough. I was only watching for Kristen Stewart.”

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