Tommy Cash is the master of making creepy AF music videos

Watch his brand new video for 'Little Molly' and prepare to have nightmares for weeks

Estonian rapper Tommy Cash knows how to party. His sold-out London Scala gig last month was some of the most fun ever had on a Tuesday. Another thing he knows how to do is make fucking weird music videos. Gaining notoriety, with his video for ‘Winaloto’ in which he superimposed his face onto an actual vagina, his follow-up ‘Pussy, Money, Weed’ was no less bizarre.

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And now, here we have ‘Little Molly’, which sees Tommy – complete with trademark wafer-thin moustache – as an array of freaky little blonde girls. It’s very Aphex Twin but altogether more alarming. When asked about the thinking behind this, Tommy explains that “imperfection is perfect and we should embrace it”. What a lovely message, but that won’t help us erase these images from our brains.

Speaking to the rap sensation earlier in the year, he told NME “I just wanna make shit that I like, you know? I wanna make shit that I’ve never seen before, that’s my main goal. I’m thinking about what I would like to see, and I make it – that’s it. Like, ‘Wow, this would be fucking dope’, and I make it. I’m weird, so maybe that’s why the videos are like that. I’m definitely a nerd, and a weird kid – I’ve never been like… the cool kid.”

Weird indeed. Check out the video.