Toy – 20 Tracks That Made Us

We spoke to Toy in the mag last week, photographing them standing moodily in a bandstand and chatting shit about everything from Korg Delta’s to Joe Lean.

Photo: Dan Dennison/NME

And what with everyone banging on about them being the latest (and therefore greatest) architects and/or connoisseurs of perfect lost pop/rock/psych masterpieces, we thought it was high time someone asked them to big up some of the tracks that make them get up in the morning and wear clothes from c.1972.

So here we go:

Dom O’Dair (guitar)

Silver Apples – Program
“When they played this song live, Simian used a radio as part of the instrumentation, shifting randomly between stations to add an unpredictable element to the proceedings.”

Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan – Syncopation
“Made in 1958, this pair of Dutch noise merchants broke every boundary in terms of studio techniques and musical genre.”

Neu! – Neuschnee
“Beautiful, hovering melodies set against Klaus Dinger’s pounding motorik and perfect drum fills.”

Velvet Underground – What Goes On (Live 1969)
“Relentless, rhythmic, bloody good!”

The Beach Boys – She Knows Me Too Well
“This is a glorious song from ‘Beach Boys Today’.”

Tom Dougall (vocals, guitar):

Captain Beefheart – On Tomorrow
“To quote [legendary Rolling Stone hack] Langdon Winner: “The guitars of the Magic Band mercilessly bend and stretch notes in a way that suggests that the world of music has wobbled clear off its axis.””

Tyrannosaurus Rex – A Day Laye
“Rock’n’roll influenced folk with lush melody and surreal lyrics filled with Marc Bolan’s own mythology.”

Spacemen 3 – Honey
“Colourfully mind-altering minimalist psychedelia.”

Kevin Ayers – Reinhart And Geraldine/Colores Para Delores
“This is from ‘Shooting At The Moon’, named by Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci as ‘the best album ever made’.”

Can – Oh Yeah
“From an album, ‘Tago Mago’, inspired by occultist Aleister Crowley, this track is Can’s trademark sound; mantric drumming, aggressive shifts in the vocals and repetitive grooves.”

Photo: Jack Taylor/NME

Alejandra Diez (keyboards):

Klaus Schulze – Irrlicht
“Schulze assembled a (very confused) classical orchestra, freaked them out by conducting them himself in his own bizarre style, then put the whole recording through a ring modulator, reversed it and then blasted it out of a broken amplifier to create this delightful drone piece.”

Harmonia – Walky-Talky
“Sprawling, expansive washes of sound. Rother, Roedelius and Moebius.”

Add N To X – Machine Is Bored With Love
“Hmmmmmmm, lovely!”
Maxim Barron (bass):

Sonic Youth – Kill Yr Idols
“This is an early Sonic Youth track originally only released in Germany in 1983.”

MC5 – Looking At You
“Some great lead guitar playing from Wayne Kramer on this song.”

Broadcast – Illumination
“A great space age pop song off Future Crayon, a favorite of ours.”

Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened
“The end of this song is an amazing and uplifting.”

Television – Elevation
“I love how Verlaine and Lloyd play off of each other in this song.”

Charlie Salvidge (drums):

The Turnstyle – Riding A Wave
“Great production here – along with heavy guitars and a dreamy string arrangement.”

Phil Cordell – Red Lady
“I Love his ultra English vocals and slide guitar.”