Track Exclusive – Casiokids, ‘Skip i Natten’

It’s all continuing to kick off for Norwegian synthpop lovelies Casiokids. Stepping up their game in recent years with records like ‘Topp Stemning på Lokal Bar’ and ‘Aabenbaringen over Aaskammen’, they were even given a one million kroner reward from countrymen A-Ha, for being the Scandinavian artists with the “most export potential”.

And now they’re back with another treat, which you can hear below. Brand new track ‘Skip i Natten’ is coming out through Oslo label Splendour on a handsome 12”. It’s an elegant, gliding piece of pastel-coloured joy, which starts off like grown-up Europop before wrongfooting you towards the end with something that sounds a lot like a New Order bassline. Language fans: ‘Skip i Natten’ translates as ‘Skip The Night’, which still doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, but never mind. You can also hear a teaser for the B-side ‘Offerdans’ right here.