Track Exclusive – East India Youth, ‘Looking For Someone’

East India Youth is William Doyle, former singer with Doyle & The Fourfathers and a chap who chanced his arm with a demo sent to music site The Quietus. It caught the ear of editor John Doran, who was so enamoured with Doyle’s eerie synth-pop that he and co-editor Luke Turner set up a record label – The Quietus Phonographic Corporation – to release it.

You can see why Doran and Turner were bewitched. This exclusive track from East India Youth’s new EP ‘Hostel’ is immediately absorbing, building a devotional part-song around Doyle’s almost choral, multi-tracked vocals. His pleas – “God I need someoneā€¦ Now I need something/Just for me and no one else – are soon joined by hulking great beats, but never to the detriment of their emotional heart. As ‘Looking For Someone’ unfolds, there’s time for soaring synth excursions somewhere to the left of Pink Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ before Doyle returns for the final push, his search for “the one” now bordering on the spiritual.

East India Youth is playing The Sebright Arms in Bethnal Green, East London this Thursday (18 April) at 9.30pm. In the meantime, ‘Looking For Someone’ should whet the old appetite.

East India Youth’s ‘Hostel’ EP is out now on The Quietus Phonographic Corporation.