Track Exclusive – Loom, ‘Bleed On Me’

Loom are totally exciting. If you go to see unsigned bands in London then you might have caught them already – over the past few months they’ve played a shedload of unannounced 7pm support slots to almost-empty pubs, honing their live set and seeing what they can get away with.

First time I saw them I didn’t know who they were but was interested enough to wish I’d paid more attention when they came on. Second time I made sure I got there early so I could catch the whole set. The last time was a couple of weeks ago, at a properly announced gig supporting Torches where they were more confident and exciting than any of the previous times I’d caught them.

The one constant at each gig was frontman Tarik Badwan, who’s both the angriest man to stalk a stage in ages and the owner of the best death stare London. And yeah, he is Faris’ little bro, if you were wondering.

The track above (their first to go online) is called ‘Bleed On Me’ and it comes out on Heart Throb Records on December 3. The band’s next gig is this Friday (November 30) supporting Temples at London’s Shacklewell Arms.