Tribes – When Indie Boys Go To War

Someone emailed me a few months back now about this new London band called Tribes, I checked them out on Myspace, and my thought process went something like: look great, sound pretty decent, don’t love ’em.

Something about them didn’t quite click, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, but I wasn’t excited enough to make neither song, nor dance about them.

I was intrigued enough however to prick up my ears when I heard they’d returned to their bedroom studio and come up with a whole new batch of songs with a different tack…

I’m glad I did too, because all five tracks on the demo I got handed was a bonafide bangers. Think the uncharted middle-ground that separates Pavement and The Courteeners… I know, sounds confusing, right? But it does the business. All that fizzy, fuzzy disjointed warmth, but with really simple, clean pop songwriting and an oiky twang to boot.

After the Great Summer of Lo-fi, as no one other than me is calling it, it’s about time someone took that and channeled it into actual popstardom. Here’s one of those aforementioned newies:

Tribes – ‘Nightdriving/Useless God’