New Music Of The Day: Tsar B’s Debut EP Is A Bold Introduction Into A Wicked And Special Musical Mind

There are some records that are so dark and so forward-thinking that you wonder if they could have ever been made by a human. Tsar B‘s debut EP – a twisted mess of threatening violins, off-kilt chord progressions and distorted vocals – is one of them. Basically it’s the deliciously dark R&B replacement for the FKA Twigs-sized hole in your life right now.

Written and produced solely by Tsar B, aka 22-year-old Belgian Justine Bourgeus, the EP arrives just 9 months on from last year’s debut single ‘Escalate’. Bourgeus, who’s classically trained in violin, has only been working on the current project for a couple of years after previously flitting between various other Belgian bands, which makes the fact it’s such an assured debut even more impressive. ‘Swim’ in particular is a deeply trippy and hypnotising electro-banger – the standout track on this bold introduction into the wicked and special musical mind of Tsar B.

Listen to the full self-titled EP below.