Meet Turnstile, the Baltimore hardcore gang whose new album is heavy as f*ck

Hardcore gang who’ll make your head feel like a moshpit

Not quite two months into 2018 and we’ve got a contender for the heaviest album of the year. It’s from Baltimore band Turnstile who have signed to cult record label Roadrunner for their new album ‘Time & Space’. Pairing crunching guitar parts and thumping rhythms, it’s got all the potential to become a crossover hit. With a year full of gigs on the horizon, singer Brendan Yates talks their utterly wild live shows and beyond. See you down the front.

What’s your favourite thing about the hardcore community?


“I think the live environment of a show. It’s the most expressive scene and very open-minded. It gives a really good platform for bands to play but also for people to come to shows and express themselves – whether
they want to just dance or completely freak out. Also it shows respect to each other, something we value.”

You recently invited a load of Syrian refugees to a show in Berlin. Did they enjoy it?

“The promoter emailed us and said that it was going to be a free entry for refugees and they must have heard about it. They came and had a good time. There was definitely a huge language barrier, but at the same time the body language was the biggest connector and it brought them into the show.”

Do you find that hardcore shows are more unleashed than the standard?

“I don’t like the standard of ‘band stands here, bouncers here and crowd here’. We like blurring those lines in any way. Sometimes people jump on stage, unplug guitars – whatever happens, you gotta embrace that. We also played an outside festival in Berlin and this woman came up to the front and she’d turned up naked. It was pretty wild.”

From: Baltimore, Maryland
Social: @TurnstileHC
Buy: ‘Time & Space’ is out now